Brittany: The stones of Carnac

Clouds loom over the beach at Carnac

I’m sure the beach at Carnac is one of the best in Brittany. Long and sandy, protected by dunes, overlooked by some handsome homes and towering trees, it promises much. But during our June stay it rained, and rained again. And when it didn’t rain, the wind blew and the clouds blocked out the sun. […]

A day out in Concarneau, Brittany   

Sardines. The food of the gods. And Brittany is one of the best places to eat them, along with the restaurants of Lisbon and the Algarve. In the fishing port and seaside town of Concarneau, I lunched on a plate of them and a glass of fine Breton cider. Lunch really couldn’t get better than that. […]