Melbourne’s gardens and memorials

Melbourne from the Shrine of Remembrance

The Melbourne we’d been exploring was all concrete and steel, roads and traffic, but the city has its fair share of parks and gardens too. So on yet another boiling day we visited the Botanic Gardens and an impressive war memorial. The green spaces extend from the banks of the Yarra River in the heart […]

Copenhagen’s crown jewels   

The grounds of the botanical gardens

There’s much to see and do in Copenhagen but somehow we managed to go overboard on the royal attractions. Take our last day in town. We chose to spend much of it enjoying the treasures of Rosenborg Palace, including the state’s Crown Jewels, before tearing ourselves away for something rather more egalitarian at the Botanical Gardens. With our flight leaving […]

Zurich: Churches and gardens

Inside the palm houses

It was our final day in Zurich and raining again. But we filled it by exploring chilly churches and tropical palm houses. I slept late so we dispensed with breakfast and got ready to check out of the Hotel Europe – a lovely place with charming hosts but somewhat lacking in very necessary double glazing. A […]

Japan: A day of temples in Kyoto   

The gardens at Sanjusangen-do

Our last full day in Kyoto. And that meant we had to visit all those temples we’d promised ourselves when we were planning our holiday but had never got around to. And that would be despite my bad back. A bad back that had given me another restless night. But at least it wasn’t quite […]

Exploring Tokyo’s gardens

The palace gardens

Tokyo may be one of the biggest cities in the world, full of gleaming towers and urban sprawl. But it also has several great gardens. And gardens were a good option on such a hot day, for we emerged from the efficiently air-conditioned Hilton Hotel to find temperatures well into the sweltering 80s. We quickly ducked into the […]