The memorials of Berlin

The Berlin holocaust memorial

From the top of the Panoramapunkt viewing platform at Potsdamer Platz, it’s easy to see the grey slabs of Berlin’s Holocaust memorial on Ebertstrasse far below. The memorial was something I’d put on my ‘to see’ list because it was still being built when we were last in the city back in January 2004. This was […]

Berlin: Palaces and Pride


In 2004 we went on our first holiday together, to Berlin. It was January, blisteringly cold and snow fell periodically on the grey city. But I fell in love with it. We always said we’d return to see the German capital in summer and we finally got round to it in July 2016, when we found a […]

Touring historic Tokyo


Japan is notorious for its earthquakes and I’d wondered several times, with varying degrees of apprehension, what would happen if one struck during our stay – especially at night while we slept high up in a hotel tower block. We finally experienced one during a visit to a heritage site in Tokyo. Or rather everyone but me […]

A week in Mykonos   


We spent a glorious week in May on the Greek island of Mykonos, enjoying the quiet of low season before the holidaymakers arrived in droves. But there was still no avoiding the depressingly huge cruise ships and their passengers. Most days they appeared in the harbour of Mykonos Town, dumping wave after wave of visitors onto […]