First class to Singapore and Little India   

The view to Marina Bay from our hotel

As upgrades go, it couldn’t be better. Arriving at Heathrow for our business class flights to Singapore, we were told by the check-in assistant that we were going to be enjoying the 13-hour flight in First instead. I could hardly believe our luck! With better food, better champagne and a better bed, it was going to […]

Croatia: By the Adriatic at Lapad   

Looking down the bay towards Lapad Beach

Croatia has a memorable coastline. It’s jagged, scarred and never dull. Hundreds of islands of all shapes and sizes, covered in greenery, lie amid the sapphire blue of the Adriatic sea, some inhabited, some deserted. From thousands of feet up in our Monarch aircraft, I watched these islands pass by. The sea looked as flat as […]