The Blue Mountains, New South Wales

The Blue Mountains from Govetts Leap

Driving into the Blue Mountains an hour west of Sydney is child’s play compared to the Alps. Much of the journey is on a dual carriageway, nothing like the narrow and winding rounds of the European Alps. And that made this nervous driver a happy man as we left the city behind and drove into […]

Skiing in Champagny en Vanoise

From Roche de Mio

A few years back I thought my skiing days were over when Graham announced halfway through a week in Ischgl that flying down mountains was not something he considered a particularly safe, let alone enjoyable, way to pass the time. But then family came to my rescue and gave me a chance to hit the slopes […]

Tenerife: The epic Mount Teide   

Cinchado with Teide in the background

When the clouds weren’t hovering threateningly over Tenerife, we couldn’t miss the island’s magnificent volcano – Mount Teide. Descending from 35,000ft in our Airbus on that first day, it stood out powerfully in the sun, dominating the island that it helped to create, its upper slopes covered in snow. And from our hotel grounds in […]

Norway: Downhill in Geilo

Approaching the chairlift

On our last day in Geilo it was time for me to do some alpine skiing. And I couldn’t have chosen a better day. After the snow of the previous day, the skies were a deep blue and the valley looked gorgeous in its new clothes, sparkling in the sunshine. I hired my gear, jumped […]

Fat biking around Geilo

Looking across the frozen lake

A hangover brought on by mixing vodka, red wine and lager was no way to start a day of cycling. I could barely eat breakfast let alone think about exercise, but we’d already hired the bikes and there wasn’t much else to do in Geilo. We trudged out to the main ski area on the […]

A walk around Geilo

Historic agricultural buildings

If nothing else, I slept well. But as we filled up on an ample breakfast in the Dr Holms Hotel, including some of the best meatballs anywhere in the world, I was still thinking that I’d made a big mistake booking Geilo as a winter destination. At the time the village looked as if it […]

A walk on Bergen’s mountains

Some of the stunning views from the mountain

Bergen’s unpredictable weather delivered snow on our second full day in town. Admittedly there was just a dusting around our hotel, but the mountains that encircle the harbour were covered with the stuff. So we decided to visit them after another hearty breakfast, Graham suffering from a heavy cold and me with a headache. I […]