Tenerife: A drive to La Laguna   

Casa Salazar

If I learnt anything in Tenerife, it’s never to trust a sat-nav. After the traumas of getting to Teide, this expensive piece of tech managed to land us, somewhat embarassed, in the pedestrianised shopping streets of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of La Laguna. All we wanted was to park the car but it took […]

Tenerife: The epic Mount Teide   

Cinchado with Teide in the background

When the clouds weren’t hovering threateningly over Tenerife, we couldn’t miss the island’s magnificent volcano – Mount Teide. Descending from 35,000ft in our Airbus on that first day, it stood out powerfully in the sun, dominating the island that it helped to create, its upper slopes covered in snow. And from our hotel grounds in […]

Tenerife: A week in Puerto de la Cruz

Teide cloaked in snow, from our hotel

We’re no strangers to the Canaries. They’re the default, value-for-money option when it comes to escaping the drab, damp days of winter in London. We’d plumped this time for Tenerife rather than Gran Canaria, and the northern resort town of Puerto de la Cruz. It was my first time on the island, Graham’s second. The […]