Tenerife: The epic Mount Teide   

Cinchado with Teide in the background

When the clouds weren’t hovering threateningly over Tenerife, we couldn’t miss the island’s magnificent volcano – Mount Teide. Descending from 35,000ft in our Airbus on that first day, it stood out powerfully in the sun, dominating the island that it helped to create, its upper slopes covered in snow. And from our hotel grounds in […]

Zurich: Exploring Uetliberg

Zurich from Uetliberg

Sunday dawned bright and sunny in Zurich, a perfect day for visiting the city’s mountain. I’d slept poorly thanks to the people upstairs crashing around at 4.30am, the wailing of police sirens at some point in the night and the crunching of a dustcart at dawn. So I didn’t have the energy to climb up Uetliberg, […]

A walk on Bergen’s mountains

Some of the stunning views from the mountain

Bergen’s unpredictable weather delivered snow on our second full day in town. Admittedly there was just a dusting around our hotel, but the mountains that encircle the harbour were covered with the stuff. So we decided to visit them after another hearty breakfast, Graham suffering from a heavy cold and me with a headache. I […]